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What Are Custom Monograms?

“Your Name (or Company Logo) in Lights” – Before 2008, our chief lighting designer, Natalie Daniels, coined the name “Custom Monograms” (or Custom Monogram Lighting) and it’s now become the widely accepted term used to describe custom Lighted Gobos. Your name, company logo or almost any attractive design motif can be made into an illuminated projection for all to see during your event. 

—Customization at its best! We can use Your Name(s), Monogram Initials, Wedding Date and other interesting motifs to create an attractive, one-of-a-kind Lighted Projection.

Provide your own unique design, create a new design team or use one of PSE’s templates for your illuminated arrangement.

Custom Monogram Lighting may be used effectively in both indoor and outdoor settings. There are a number of ways that we can set-up a display for Custom Monograms (and other lighting projections). Showcase your design on open wall spaces, dance floors, lobbies and entry areas, exterior building walls, and more…

Create Your Ideal Design With Us

Again, clients are invited to provide a previously designed template for Custom Monogram Lighting or clients can take advantage of working with PSE’s in-house graphic design team to create something totally new and highly personalized. During design consultations, we’ll discuss specifications for set-up and using your unique design requests. On the date of the event, your Custom Monogram will be positioned in the best possible viewing location offering a “show-stopping” affect when guests arrive at the wedding reception, gala, or special celebration.

Custom Monogram Lighting is a sophisticated lighting design treatment that easily makes a major statement, showcases personal style and also a powerful tool used for building a strong brand image for businesses and corporations. Enjoy having an attention-grabbing conversational highlight which invited guests will quickly “snap” photos of for social media sharing, etc. 

Contact Us to get info on designing a visually bold, lighted Custom Monogram projection at your upcoming event. 

Check out the Wedding Event Guide featuring a special interview of our Lighting Designer, Natalie Daniels

Your event is a direct reflection of your personal style. Whether at a hotel ballroom, historic mansion or any other festive event location, our staff will help you create a vivid, cohesive atmosphere that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also to your plans.

Feel free to call us at 215-825-5300 for a free lighting design consultation for your upcoming event

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