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Why You Need To Use Dance Floor Lighting

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Imagine this… It’s now about an hour into the time of your reception or party. The Dinner service was fantastic, everyone’s almost finished eating a fabulous meal. Ok. Now is the official time to “open up the dance floor”. How can you help to create a transition into this next phase of the party?

What can you do to help to change the energy/vibes in the room to help encourage your guests to the feel the mood to dance? One of the easiest ways to add an element of excitement to your party: Dance Floor Lighting. Colorful, moving lights poured over the dance floor area create a visual effect that helps get people in the mood and makes the dance floor feel exciting. 

One of the reasons why Night Clubs have advanced dance floor lighting systems and special effects installed is because they’re hoping to create high levels of energy and excitement using the lights while crowds dance in large, very dimly lit spaces.

Philly Star DJ’s has some pretty cool options for dance floor lighting systems (and related effects) to help you create a more lively atmosphere. We include a complimentary, simple form of Dance Floor Lighting with all DJ bookings. However, the Dance Floor Lighting options listed below are amazing lighting effects for events. Depending on your specific style/taste/event, these options will definitely take your dance floor area to another level of brilliance, fun and guest interactivity.

Advanced Dance Floor Lighting Systems


1. Intelligent Lighting (Weddings / Special Parties)

Intelligent lighting is advanced stage lighting used to bring excitement during concerts and special events. It has automated or mechanical functions beyond traditional, stationary illumination, (a table lamp). Intelligent Lights typically colors, are able to display complicated effects and functions and can be synced to move along with the rhythm or beats of the music from your DJ. Wow-factor. 




***NEW: Check out info on “The All White Treatment”. This sleek, modern Audio Equipment Decor and Lighting Treatment is especially impactful for creating drama in the area of your Dance Floor and cohesive style throughout your event.

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2. UV/Black Lighting – Lights for Glow Parties (College Parties / Teen Parties)

Glow Parties are really popular with College and Teen crowds. And the pictures from Glow Parties are amazing!

UV/Black Lights produce invisible ultraviolet or infrared radiation. Black light effects cause fluorescent materials to emit visible light and is used to take the most awesome pictures in the dark.



3. Lasers & Fog EFX (w/ Intelligent Lighting) (College Parties, Teen Parties)

Check out our combined Laser Light & Fog show in the video below. The intense green colored projected laser  beams moves along with the feel of the music.

Fog creates really interesting atmospheric effects and is used to make Laser Lighting (and other lighting effects) much more visible. Fog also helps to create a specific sense of mood or atmosphere (In e.g., use our Fog Effects to create an eerie mood during Halloween Parties).


Laser and Fog Lighting - Special Efx - Philadelphia DJ Company - Philly Star DJ's - Philly Star Events

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Color and great lighting design evoke emotion. Lighting is a powerful element used for setting the tone at events.

Your event is a direct reflection of your personal style. Whether at a hotel ballroom, historic mansion or other event location, our staff will help you create a vivid, cohesive atmosphere that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also to your plans.

Feel free to call us at 215-825-5300 for a free lighting design consultation for your upcoming event.

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