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NBC 10's Coverage of DJ Joe Performing at an Upscale 80's Dance Party

NBC 10’s Coverage of DJ Joe Performing at an Upscale 80’s Dance Party

It’s easy to collect a digital music library… 

Having the ability to KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MUSIC PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR is our speciality.

It’s your event. And it’s an important one. Enjoy listening to some of your favorite songs performed by a top-rate DJ with a fresh musical perspective and savviness of top Night Club DJ’s. 


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Unrivaled Music Libraries:

DJ’s on the team have unique music collections (because we welcome individuality). 

However, our DJ’s enjoy taking song requests and are easily prepared to offer the following styles of music:

  • Newest Releases and Billboard’s Top-40 and Pop 
  • Classic + New Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap
  • New and Classic R&B Ballads and more…
  • EDM/House/Club/Special Remixes
  • Classic & Modern/Indie Rock
  • Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton+Reggae & Dancehall
  • Music for All Ages: Various Music Favorites from Times Past: “60’s Motown”, “70’s Disco”
  • Popular Country Music Hits


  • Note: Our music is Upscale Event Approved – Radio Edited Versions (“Clean Edits”) 


Have questions about ways we can help with creating an upbeat playlist to excite your associates or family and friends? Let’s talk. Send email.



Wedding Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Music

Philly Star’s Musicians and DJ’s also have a wide repertoire of modern and classical music for Wedding Ceremony & Cocktail Hour events to match the feel and vibe you’re envisioning.

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Fun Music Apps & Planning Tools

Nothing has the power to evoke emotion the way music does…

Music selection easily sets the tone during weddings or parties so, it’s important to have an idea of the type of ambiance you’re looking to create. The music selected for an event is a reflection of your personal style. 


Enjoy access to the latest Apps and Music Planning tools (used by our DJ’s).

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Important Considerations for Creating Playlists:

  • Social Demographics: Are your guests party animals filled with lots energy or will there be more of the kick-back crowd who would prefer to listen to background music and smooth jazz.
  • Timing is Everything: Certain songs will work naturally better for background music during Cocktail Hour versus being played during the main portion of “party” because of the tempo (speed) of the music.
  • Event Theme: Creating a theme for your event helps make it easier to organize food, decor, and other accessories, such as giveaway items. Select a theme that fits your participants and the purpose of your event.


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We love what we do and we’re lucky to do it. It’s never about ego for us. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Humility and gratitude inspires us to work hard during performances.

We would love to help you with putting together music and ideas for each aspect of your event.

Contact us for more details about ways to create an awesome playlist for an upcoming event by calling 215.825.5300.

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I am a professional Lighting Designer and Audio Engineer who schedules booking arrangements for the PSE Team with our fantastic clients. To say that I enjoy having a multi-faceted career in the weddings and special events industries would be an understatement. Give me a call with any questions. It would be an honor to consult with you about creating a classy, well-planned and energy-filled timeline for your upcoming celebration or special gathering.

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