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Shopping Around?

Need “sound” advice on hiring entertainment?


When searching for pricing event services for an upcoming wedding, corporate event or any other special celebration, your main objective is to ensure that invited guests have a great time. Your choice of entertainment, particularly if you are considering a DJ, is crucial to that end. 

The entertainer you choose is a direct reflection on you…

Here are some important points to remember when interviewing entertainment companies.

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Top Questions for Prospective Event Companies:

1. Does the company carry insurance the right type of insurance (proof of  insurance is often requested by venues)?

Most venues require that entertainers carry liability insurance in the event of an accident or injury. Reputable event entertainment companies will carry at least $1,000,000 of comprehensive liability insurance. If not insured, any damages or injuries that happen as a result of the equipment or tools of the entertainer naturally becomes the responsibility of the client (Hired entertainers are under-contract with you, not with your selected venue).

2. Will the company offer to meet with you AFTER signing the contract to entertainment planning?

Professional entertainment companies are ALWAYS willing to discuss your event at any time before the event date and should display the flexibility to accommodate changes and help with solving your problems. Meeting your DJ to plan your wedding is of paramount importance to the success of your wedding.

3. Will the person that you inquire about be the person that actually will perform at your wedding or special event?

This is THE most common complaint about the DJ/entertainment industry today. The entertainer(s) you want to hire turns out NOT to be the entertainer(s) who will perform at your event. Oftentimes, clients will not be made aware of this arrangement before booking.

The old adage remains true: “Good entertainment is NOT cheap and cheap entertainment often is NOT good.”


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