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Try to learn as much as you can about the performance style of the entertainer and types of music that they have experience with performing and ask about the types of music they enjoy performing. Watch videos. Listen to mixes. Try to visit the DJ during a public performance (if possible). Ask questions about the DJ’s experience and try to get verifiable references. Guests typically leave events early when the entertainment isn’t that good. It’s easy to make people uncomfortable during an event hosted by the wrong DJ. Take your time.

Trust your gut instincts. Again, avoid hiring a lack-luster, mediocre DJ for your most special celebration (at all costs).

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A good DJ is worth his or her weight in gold. There is a difference in being able to say that you attended a pretty nice party versus attending an incredibly fun, high-energy event. The selected entertainment for the party makes all of the difference.

The quality of entertainment you select is highly critical and reflective of the success of your event.

Philly Star’s entertainers have impressive resumes and performance histories in radio, experience with hosting gala celebrity events and much, much more…

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