Question: How do you create the type of party atmosphere for “tween” or teen crowds? Your focus should be on selecting a DJ who’s into all of the latest trends for teen parties. Today’s teens know exactly what they like and what they want to dance to. They’re up on all of the latest music and enjoy new dance music trends. So are we. Philly Star DJ’s have received specialized training for hosting everything from high-energy Bar & Bat Mitzvahs to intensely fun Sweet 16 Parties. Enjoy having a DJ who loves performing for younger groups using the latest in Event Lighting Effects, Photo, Video and Audio Technology. We’re personable (without being too chatty when on the microphone). It’s all about our teen guests (and the guest of honor). We’ll follow cues from the group, take song requests and do what’s needed to keep the energy going at the party. Rest assured knowing that all members the Philly Star DJ Team have been thoroughly interviewed, auditioned and trained to host the most exciting parties with teens and high school crowds.

Again, teens are very selective. They want savvy DJ’s who bring the right type of energy and music to get move their crowds. We get it. Select one of our skilled, fun Party DJ’s for your upcoming event.

 Let’s discuss your upcoming party for your upcoming Sweet 16 / Birthday Party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, High School Dance or Prom…

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