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Sophisticated White Decor, Audio Equipment Covers (*with Additional Colored Lighting)

Looking for a more sophisticated, tapered, polished look for large, bulky sound equipment? The All White Treatment is a modern decor system that completely transforms the look of the center of your dance floor space. Let’s “dress-up” the DJ area with sleek, white translucent fabric coverings to cover audio speakers along with the floor stands for the speakers. Clean and crisp feels. This is the best way to go. We’ll finish the look with our translucent white DJ facade (a white DJ table panel system) and added lighting instruments to completely illuminate the DJ area with your choice of color.

This is truly for clients who desire high style and appreciate great attention to detail.

  • Sleek, White Audio Equipment Treatment: High-End Event Decor 
  • Illumination: Select a fun Color for Lighting the DJ Area (optional)
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-A VIP Event Design Treatment perfect for Wedding Receptions and all upscale Special Celebrations.



Standard Sound System -vs- The All White System

Exceed Expectations

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Color and great lighting design evoke emotion. Lighting is a powerful element used for setting the tone at events.

Your event is a direct reflection of your personal style. Whether at a hotel ballroom, historic mansion or other event location, our staff will help you create a vivid, cohesive atmosphere that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also to your plans.

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