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The Truth About Ipod/Ipad Weddings (PSE’s Response to a Article)


As a partner with a premiere entertainment company in the Philadelphia area, I admit that I almost choked after reading an article on the popular news outlet, called The Truth About Ipod Weddings. Although well-meaning in some ways, the Ipod Weddings article offered really one-sided advice on having an Ipod “perform”, if you will, at wedding receptions while offering very limited info on the value of working with qualified Wedding Entertainment Professionals. Philly Star DJ’s understands that every couple’s event budget will differ so this lower-price option may seem attractive. The goal of this post is to offer another view on some of the less-celebrated happenings with Ipod Wedding Receptions.

Ok. Let’s face it, everyone… Having an Ipod is not the most classy choice for music entertainment at an event like a Wedding. This arrangement may work out better for casual, laid-back events, like teen birthday parties held at home with mom’s homemade punch and Oreo cookies.

Obviously, we know that the Ipod can not bring any sense of personality to your event. It can not interpret what’s going on around you and change the energy in the room. It can NOT take song requests from you or your guests right on the spot without interrupting a 6-hour pre-recorded party mix. If you take any requests from your guests, the music must stop. There will be a pause. You gotta find the new song on your Ipod, right? This will affect the party since no one really wants to stand and wait in the center of dance floor when the music’s off. (It’s not always easy to get people back up on the dance floor.)

The Truth About Ipod Weddings - Empty Dance Floor

Ipods are notorious for skipping songs and make other odd performance errors – Really noticeable oddities. These interruptions can happen more than once at any time. Picture your first dance. And the scheduled song skips or won’t load. This can happen. (Sigh.)

Imagine the start, the opening part of your reception… Ipods will not offer an exciting introduction welcoming your guests and the bridal party at the start of your reception.

Come on, let’s face it… An Ipod is NOT a modern, hip source for wedding entertainment. It’s simply a cool MP3 player from Apple.

If you’re planning an important celebration like a Wedding Reception, please consider hiring a highly recommended DJ or Band for a classy, more personalized, interactive party experience. And if you’re looking for savvy, fun, non-typical Wedding DJ’s and/or Musicians in the PHILADELPHIA & SOUTH JERSEY AREAS, I’d be happy to consult with you at no charge about entertainment arrangements not only via the Philly Star DJ’s Team but can direct you to other top local resources. Remember: You can not rewind your wedding day experience (and make changes). Be selective when making your choice for entertainment and definitely shy away from using an Ipod. (Save it for your work-out routine at the gym.)


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Thanks for reading and best wishes to you!

– Natalie Daniels

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