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Uplighting or Up-lighting: One of the most requested lighting design treatments used for festive special celebrations, weddings and parties. 

What are Uplights? 

Uplights are Lighting Instruments which are typically placed on the floor so that its beam of light is directed upwards (many times beaming along clear wall spaces). Add colored beams of lights that shine from floor-to-ceiling in beautiful colors to enhance the look of your venue.

We carefully arrange Uplighting Instruments proportionately throughout the room or selected space for a brilliant, glowing yet balanced lighting effect.

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Question: How can you be certain that lighting arrangements you want will look exactly like what you’re envisioning (or even better)?

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Answer: Hire a top-rate professional lighting design company.

When needed info on Event Lighting Design for their 2011 Wedding Event Guide, they interviewed professional lighting designer, Natalie Daniels. All clients are invited to a complimentary lighting design consultation with Natalie one month before all event dates. At our Center City/Philadelphia office, let’s sit meet to discuss a variety of ways to compliment your selected venue with lighting tools. During this time, we’ll provide a live showcase of colors using uplighting tools. Our goal is for all clients to have an opportunity to view selected color(s) for the event, ensuring a “color match”. Lastly, we’ll draft a design scape for the event space. If required, our team can travel to your venue to test colors and usage of lighting instruments.

Enjoy working with professional lighting designers who care about the quality of each lighting presentation.

Your event is important. With our help, your Wedding Reception venue or Event Space can look phenomenal with Uplighting! (We promise.)

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Color and great lighting design evoke emotion. Lighting is a powerful element used for setting the tone at events.

Your event is a direct reflection of your personal style. Whether at a hotel ballroom, historic mansion or other event location, our staff will help you create a vivid, cohesive atmosphere that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also to your plans.

Feel free to call us at 215-825-5300 for a free lighting design consultation for your upcoming event.

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Meet Natalie Daniels

I am a professional Lighting Designer and Audio Engineer who schedules booking arrangements for the PSE Team with our fantastic clients. To say that I enjoy having a multi-faceted career in the weddings and special events industries would be an understatement. Give me a call with any questions. It would be an honor to consult with you about creating a classy, well-planned and energy-filled timeline for your upcoming celebration or special gathering.

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