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Tasteful Sophistication Meets High-Energy Excitement

Congratulations to you. Today’s couples want DJ’s who are defined by unique style and energy brought to performances. Relax. We’ll take care of hosting your event in the way that you ask us to… We’re focused on providing a refreshing, upbeat musical backdrop that infuses the edge and savviness of Night Club DJ performances right when it’s time to open up the dance floor.

“All DJ’s aren’t Wedding DJ’s. It takes years of practice, unique study and a proven desire to work closely with new couples during a day that’s filled with lots of emotion and carefully timed activities.” 


Looking to achieve a more sophisticated, polished look throughout your event space? Take a look at The All White Treatment. This modern, sleek decor/lighting arrangement is used to dress-up the area of your DJ equipment and also brings added lighting to the area of the Dance Floor.

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Philly Star DJ’s is a company you can rely on; a team of the highest quality professionals from our area. We listen carefully to your requests. We take pride in every event and are defined by the quality and attention brought to our work. And of course, we are prepared to dedicate the amount of time needed to make your event a success.


Our commitment to your wedding starts before any agreements are made.

Feel free to call us for a quick, no-hassle consultation for your event at 215.825.5300.


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