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You’re at the start of creating life-changing memories. Philly Star Events is a multi-award winning, boutique Entertainment Company you can rely on; A team of hand-picked, talented DJ’s, Musicians + more.

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Brides & Grooms

1. Q – We would like to select a Wedding DJ from your team but we’re not sure of where to start. How does this process work?

A- We base scheduling of our staff on availability, unique needs of an event and what we feel the client would want. When we say “get the DJ you really want”, we mean that you’ll have an opportunity to have a first-class Wedding DJ from the our –versus typical, lack-luster Wedding DJ’s that average DJ companies will recommend for you. After reviewing info about your DJ’s background, you’ll find that our DJ’s have highly impressive performance histories/resumes. In addition to having a top-rate Wedding DJ, we proudly stand by our ability to help you with planning the most exciting, rewarding experience…

If you haven’t done so already, call for a quick consultation for your event at 215.825.5300.



2. Q – Will we need another person to act as an Emcee for hosting the reception?

A- Great question! Philly Star DJ’s often work independently. While handling music coordination/monitoring sound equipment, your DJ will also act as your Emcee or Event Host. We can handle both activities simultaneously… An experienced, Wedding DJ should be able to perform this way very easily. We will never ask you to pay for additional staff or other services that you don’t need for the event. On the other hand, if you’re having a large reception at a venue which can accommodate 300+ guests, it’s possible that your DJ will need to “team up” with another member of our team who will act as an Event Assistant. This is solely for help with installing a much larger sound system for the venue and assisting your DJ in other ways throughout the event. Note: DJ + DJ Assistant pairings are typically required for event venues capable of hosting 300+ guests. Again, we’ll never ask you to pay for 2-person DJ and Emcee teams if your event will not require this nor will you have to focus on communication with 2 entertainers for selected event details.



3. Q – We are not sure about some of the arrangements for our event right now and feel that we’ll need more time to get our ideas together. Can we make changes to our contract with you after we’ve booked?

A- Absolutely! Our team takes pride in being understanding. In a few months down the road, if you decide to change some of your arrangements, of course you can. Entertainment arrangements are not “locked in stone”, per se. We expect that you may need to change the start time of your event, add additional time with your entertainers, etc. Relax. You’re in capable, caring hands with our team! One more note: Philly Star Events will always be straight-forward with pricing details (our brochure offers a pretty detailed pricing sheet). We’ll help you get an understanding of what’s needed for entertainment and lighting design at your new venue before your book with us and (again) welcome changes to your booking. If you haven’t done so already, please call for a free, quick entertainment consultation. Our planning team is dedicated to helping clients Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 7:30 pm.

Don’t wait to book your DJ or entertainers. BOOK NOW while your event date is available.



4. Q – Music Selection + Event Hosting Personality/Style: How much flexibility will we have with making requests for music? Will we be able to provide you with special or unique songs that we’d like to have played? Can we offer recommendations on the DJ’s performance style for hosting our event?

A- This is your event. For us, it’s all about playing the music that you love. We love when our clients share song requests and even “do not play lists”. Taking requests is never a problem. Clients seek our polished, personable DJ’s who are defined by style + energy brought to performances. We’re not chatty on the microphone. Announcements are made to keep everyone excited about what’s to come. Relax knowing that your DJ will host your event in the way you’ve asked. While on the microphone, we’ll never “badger” your guests about dancing (and won’t have to). Enjoy having a classy Wedding DJ/Emcee who understands the style and energy of the hottest night club parties; A DJ who understands how to keep crowds dancing + partying all night.



5. Q – We are interested in special lighting but aren’t sure about what types of lighting will look best at our venue. What’s the difference between Fun Party Efx Lighting for the Dance Floor and LED Up-Lighting? What is a Color Wash? What is Pin Spotting? What is a Custom Monogram? How can lighting be used during my event?

A- Lighting Design is one of the most impactful ways to illuminate your venue and quickly decorate an event space. Depending on the venue and needs of your event, our team can recommended lighting treatments, like Color Washing, to bring vivid color and help to brighten dimly lit and dark areas. The Philly Star Team offers more detailed info on Lighting Design on our website but, here’s a quick overview:

– Dance Floor Lights: Fun lighting for the dance floor area
– LED Up-Lighting: Vivid floor-to-ceiling beams of colored lights
– Color Wash: Allow special lights to “blanket” an area in bold color(s)
– Pin Spotting/Cake Spot: Small lights for highlighting centerpieces, your wedding cake, etc.
– Custom Monogram: “Your name in lights” – Proudly displayed on a open wall space, etc.


6. Q – Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Music: We will need music for the entire day but we’re not sure if we want the DJ to provide music for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour too… How do we handle this?

A- In our brochure, you’ll notice options for Live Music for Ceremony + Cocktail Hour events. Note: Keep in mind, you may also need to access to a wireless microphone for use by your officiant and for the reading of your vows. Your ceremony venue and/or ceremony musician(s) may not provide this service for you. We offer a smaller sound system for Ceremonies (and Cocktail Hour), called a Sound Kit, to ensure that your guests will clearly hear the officiant speaking and the reading of vows. The Philly Star Team can help with providing both Live Music entertainment options and any needed audio equipment with wireless microphones and/or lapel microphones. There are many attractive and affordable options available.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation for your event and for a copy of our Wedding Entertainment Brochure at 215-825-5300 or send email.


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